Introducing Epione

EpioneLogoEpione Biopharmaceuticals was formed to provide the benefits of highly efficacious, injectable medications for the treatment of pain in multiple markets without the burden and risks that opiate-based therapies offer.

The worldwide incidence of acute and chronic pain, and the growing occurrence of migraine have lead to widespread consequences for both the healthcare system and the economy. First-line pain treatments are typically opiate-based medications; however, concerns regarding side effects, prescription drug abuse, risk of overdose, patient non-adherence to treatment regimens (accelerated dosing), and lack of efficacy in certain conditions provide challenges to providers, patients, regulators, and increasingly, law enforcement.

Epione is focused on developing drug-device combinations that are safe and non-addictive, non-opioid, and putting control back in the patient’s hands.

Safe, non-addictive pain relief