Epione Biopharmaceuticals Selects Innovative Manufacturing Solution

Epione Biopharmaceuticals and Vanrx began a developmental partnership to customize the SA25 workcell for use in their cartridge filling operation. Gloveless aseptic workcells like the SA25 can flexibly produce multiple products with minimal downtime. They are designed for lower volume, higher value injectables, and precise control through automation.

About Vanrx

Vanrx was started by people from biotech: developers of processes and products that formed groundbreaking therapies. Vanrx was formed to completely redesign the aseptic filling process and create the most technologically advanced fill-finish solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

With Vanrx filling machines, pharmaceutical companies can bring high-value injectable medicines to market faster. The SA25 Aseptic Workcell has the agility to fill vials, syringes or cartridges, and quickly switch between products.