Innovative Clean Room System Selected for Epione Manufacturing Facility

Epione Biopharmacueticals engages AES Clean Technology, Inc. to provide multiple modular cleanroom systems to house the Vanrx SA25 Aseptic Workcell(s).  The installation of the SA25’s in the modular clean rooms will give Epione the ability to create and maintain a cGMP compliant facility with ease of construction, installation and maintenance due to the modular nature of the AES Clean Technology solution.

About AES

AES is the leader in turnkey design, manufacturing, and construction, of modular cleanroom systems, and builds custom cleanroom equipment for life science and technology companies. In-house AES cleanroom experts include technical and professional staff to manage cleanroom projects from concept design through construction, commissioning and turnover.

AES specializes in modular systems because modular cleanroom technology delivers more speed, cleanliness, quality, and repeatable performance to your cleanroom project.  Predictable finishes, costs, and schedule add value to every dollar of the investment delivering the highest value to facility operations and ensuring quality for years to come.  The AES Modular Cleanroom Systems also makes it easier to upgrade, retrofit, and expand your existing cleanroom facilities.